From Solitude to Solidarity

The T1C Platform​

By transforming the way your people think and feel, we spark actions that lead to meaningful change and drive transformative growth within your organization.

Collective Pulse

Who is this for? Leaders and teams.  

How does it help? A data-driven tool to learn, connect, and grow from the collective feeling of the team. We call these Emotional KPIs.  

Benefits to Your Organization   

Collective Expansion Gatherings

Who is this for? Leaders and teams.   

How does it help? An empathy-driven tool to achieve alignment from the collective wisdom. 

Benefits to Your Organization  

Why Become A Member

What’s the Journey to Growth?

Step 1) Getting Started

• We conduct a deep dive session to understand your needs, goals, and challenges

• Opt in membership after the trial OR opt out at no cost to you

Step 2) Full Membership

Join the T1C family with full portal access  Receive Daily Collective Pulse emails for team insights 

• Participate in weekly Collective Expansion

• Gatherings designed to align teams and gather collective intelligence 

Step 3) Ongoing Insight

Weekly Team Health Reports: Summarized team responses 

Weekly 15-minute Check-ins: Goal tracking and problem-solving with a mentor 

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