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Welcome to T1C.

We are a vibrant community where thinkers, leaders, and doers unite to redefine personal and professional growth. We challenge conventional thinking by blending intellect, emotion, and action, creating a unique journey of discovery for every member of our diverse network. 

At T1C, we recognize that the often-overlooked aspects of thought and emotion are crucial to business success. Through our experience, we've observed that dissatisfaction with results frequently stems from neglecting these vital components. That’s precisely where we step in, enabling you to Unleash the Collective Potential of Your Employees. 

The Power of We

At T1C, we believe in the transformative power of collaboration.  

Our passion lies in fostering a strong community, where individuals connect and contribute their best selves to a collective purpose. This collaborative spirit empowers them to utilize their talents and make a positive impact on the world. 

Our platform cultivates a space where both intellect and emotions thrive, leading to individual and collective growth. 

Together, we rise. 

Meet Our Change Makers.

Reggie Brock

Founding Partner

Meet Reggie, our visionary leader who thrives on curiosity. He’s all about teamwork, big success wins, and empowering everyone around him to learn, connect and grow. 

Matthew Behrens


A connector at heart, Matt thrives on fostering collaboration and uncovering the potential for transformation in every situation. His genuine curiosity and resourceful nature empower others to achieve remarkable results. 

Alexis Swanson

Chief of Staff

Alexis is all about setting goals, pushing boundaries, and helping others realize their full potential. She’s here to ensure we all achieve exceptional results together. 

Patrick Bayle

Collective Pulse Mentor

Patrick, our dedicated journeyman, is here to make your experience with us as enriching as possible. He’s your go-to for insightful support and growth opportunities that really make a difference. 

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