Unleash the
Collective Potential
of Employees.

Our platform combines data- and empathy-driven tools to improve effectiveness and drive results.

Employees have never been more disenfranchised.
Our platform brings everyone together, succeeding as one.

What We Do

  • The T1C Platform

    By transforming the way your people think and feel, we spark actions that lead to meaningful change and drive transformative growth within your organization.

  • CollectivePulse

    We use a data-driven tool to learn, connect, and grow from the collective intelligence of the team.

  • Collective Expansion Gathering

    We use empathy-driven discussions to foster alignment, gather intelligence, and ensure that every employee's voice is heard.

"Big change happens when you focus on one thing at a time"

We Believe Engaged Employees Drive Results.

T1C isn't where we circle up and sing songs, we do work - that work transforms organizations over the life of the business.

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